«Side Project» kicks off when three young programmers come across an abandoned technology meant to detect supernatural presence. They reverse engineer the tech and create an app for their phones which allows them to see ghosts, crossing ethical lines and endangering their own lives.

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In a close future, where people only relate through virtual reality, a young passionate woman named Eve finds a way out of her lonely life by purchasing an AI robot that promises to be the perfect boyfriend. This is Lukas. Things go relatively well until an EMP blast shuts Lukas down unexpectedly along with the city’s mainframe forcing Eve …

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Shiny and Clear, extreme clean up social media idols, are two conflicting half sisters who throw down an extreme clean up challenge. But they don’t know that they’ll be facing their worst nightmare when they find themselves locked up in a house filled with accumulated objects… that come to life. Gomihime, the house’s owner, committed a murder decades ago, corrupting an old Japanese tradition that says that objects come to life after a hundred years. They are called tsukumogamis and the ones ruling the house will be as merciless as can be imagined in their intent of keeping Shiny and Clear from getting out alive.

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About Us

We’re Puppeteer, a genre film production company.
We come from very different places but all of them are very interconnected.
Our main investor & manager, made his short and fruitful career in the gaming industry, helping create a worldwide, data driven, mobile gaming audience.

On the other hand our content producer & film director is an NYU graduate, who has made a career in the movie industry.

Puppeteer is about performing and combining elements to create a world of multi purpose content that will reach platform viewers as well as mobile users.
At the same time we understand that art in its form is not negotiable so we still are in the quest of great ideas, wonderful scripts and well developed concepts for our products.

Our goal is to shoot low cost feature films with great artistic quality for the international market. Introducing a catalog of genre films engaging worldwide audiences.

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