About Us

Our Business Model

We’re Puppeteer, a genre film production company.
We come from very different places but all of them are very interconnected.
Our main investor & manager, made his short and fruitful career in the gaming industry, helping create a worldwide, data driven, mobile gaming audience.

On the other hand our content producer & film director is an NYU graduate, who has made a career in the movie industry.

Puppeteer is about performing and combining elements to create a world of multi purpose content that will reach platform viewers as well as mobile users.
At the same time we understand that art in its form is not negotiable so we still are in the quest of great ideas, wonderful scripts and well developed concepts for our products.

Our goal is to shoot low cost feature films with great artistic quality for the international market. Introducing a catalog of genre films engaging worldwide audiences.

Who We Are

Federico Finkielstain

Graduated from the prestigious New York University with a film directing major. Federico has worked in the industry for over 15 years as an assistant director.

He was a screenwriter for Palermo Hollywood (2004), wrote and directed “Don’t fall in love with me” (2012), co-directed “Love in times of selfie” (2014). In 2019 he released “La Fiesta Silenciosa”, his first genre film.


Palermo Hollywood (2004)

Don’t fall in love with me (2012)
Director – Screenwriter

Love in time of selfie (2014)

The Silent Party (2019)

Magali Nieva
Executive Producer

With her own production company NINJA FILMS, Magali produces horror and fantasy genre films since 2011.

In 2019 she premiered “Dead End ” and the documentary “Down para Arriba”. Before that, she released: “5 AM”, “Bernavidez’s Case”, “Inferno Hotel”, “En Peligro”, “Malditos Sean” and “El abismo”.

NINJA FILMS also provided international production services, such as the Italian miniseries “il delliti del bar lumme”. She has worked in the industry since 1997 with over 35 national and international films and commercials. She has experience as a teacher at Cievyc, from where she graduated in 1999.


Inferno Hotel (2015)
Executive Producer

5 AM (2016)

Bernavidez’s Case (2016)
Executive Producer

Dead End (2018)
Executive Producer

Nicolás Finkielstain
Executive producer

Graduated from Di Tella University, with an orientation in Economics and History. He has 12 years of experience in team management and15 years of experience in the mobile video game industry. His expertise is based on the creation of new commercial structures, set-up and financial management in emerging markets. He was actively involved in the growth of one of the leading gaming companies, Jam City, Inc with 500+ employees, on a regional level, position which he holds as to this day.