Movie Details

Ghost Project

«Ghost Project» kicks off when three young programmers come across an abandoned technology meant to detect supernatural presence. They reverse engineer the tech and create an app for their phones which allows them to see ghosts, crossing ethical lines and endangering their own lives.

Film Specs

Title: Ghost Project
Language: English
Genre: sci-fi / horror / suspense
Running Time: 75 min
Director: Federico Finkielstain
Script: Santiago Fernández Calvete
Producer: Magali Nieva
Executive Producer: Nicolás Finkielstain

Status: Completed.





The story

The story takes place in a remote industrial town in the United States, where you can only find telecommunications antennas, a tech university, modern cafes and large abandoned warehouses.

In this town forgotten in time we can see architecture from the 70s and 80s. The modern life appears as a patch of an old abandoned lifestyle. Starbucks cafes, tech companies, and trendy bars are embedded in old classic buildings.

Within that atmosphere of a forgotten place in the world where no one is watching, our young characters meet their ambitions to reveal one of the great mysteries of humanity: is it possible to see the dead? But without contemplating the most important question: Should they?